Hold Up Put a Little Resource In It

Sweet Resources for Your Assistance.

National Geographic Geobee

This is a super informative website it forces you to find the right answer before you can move on to the next question. It is all about Geography and has news and information about the World championships! Who would have guessed they had such prestigious competitions for geography?! GEOBEE!


Safari's are dangerously awesome.

Let's take a trip into the bush or in this case Art History! This website is super neat and gives kids the opportunity to go on their very own Safari! The kids get to pick their destination. ART SAFARI!

Fun Brain It's Kind of a Big DEAL

This Website is one that makes kids figure out which words are misspelled so it not only helps their memorization but also their comprehension and application! Take a Trip to Fun Brain!
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TVO Kids A spelling adventure!

This website is an interactive way to help kids learn to spell through playing games! This uses sound so headphones are a must or it's going to be one big jumbled mess.
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Comic Masters where you become the master of your very own comic! You can add captions, dialogue, backgrounds, characters, and props! Talk about a super cool way to bring stories to life!
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Realtime collaborative drawing tool. Paint a simple masterpiece, make a point visually. Collaborate on a project and share with the world or a friend. Check out Flock Draw!
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Chirbit Just a Little Music Sharing.

A free online tool for audio sharing. Enables users to record, upload, listen to and share sound bites easily. Able to record directly, use text to speech or upload own audio file. Can then embed to any site. Chirbit is almost easier than Soundcloud scratch that it just may be better! If you want your voice heard use Chirbit!
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Publish That Book with Student Publishing!

Make paperback storybooks and professionally typed, hardback classbooks. Make free books from every student's story. Make a free book for the classroom where every student is an author and illustrator of a page in a classbook. Well this sounds like one heck of a service! Student Publishing #getsomewritingdone!
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Concerned About Conversion Worry No More with DocsPal!

Free online file converter that supports all kind of documents, video, audio, images, e-books and archives. Moreover, it offers an online viewer that allows you to view documents and images online directly in your browser, without having to install anything else. I am always worrying about what format my docs, vids, and sounds are in so this free little dandy is just what the Doctor ordered! Check out DocsPal you won't be disappointed.
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YACAPACA! Say What???

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Yacapaca for Students

Learn faster
Enjoy it more

Yacapaca for Teachers

Use 15,000 quizzes in every subject

Create your own quizzes

Set work for the whole class with a few mouseclicks

Mark automatically

Analyse with tools that improve your teaching

Read why Yacapaca is so effective!

YACA PACA say what?? This place is all about creating that perfect assessment or using one that already exists can you dig it?

Slope It's the Rise over the Run!

Algebra man Slope song

We The People #Preamble

School House Rock -The Preamble

Square Bubbles?? You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

Square Bubbles - Cool Science Experiment

One Direction Singing About Math... What has the world come to?

One Direction -Maths Song (with lyrics)

For all you Mario Kart Fans...

Mario Kart Love Song (Original) - Now on iTunes!

Online Teacher Podcast: "Tongue Twisters"

Online Teacher Podcast: Episode 1 "Tongue Twisters"
Elementary-Teacher-Resources.com Podcast #6 Classroom Tour

World Changing Teacher Podcast: Doing the Impossible by Seeing the Invisible

World Changing Teacher - Podcast #1 - "Doing the Impossible by Seeing the Invisible""

Podcasting Elementary Students

Podcasting Elementary Students

Math Podcast- How to teach multiplication facts

Math Podcast - How to teach Multiplication Facts