First Day of School

August 19

August 19 is the first day of school for 1st-5th grade students. We are excited to have our building full of laughing and smiling children who are excited to be back at school exploring and learning.

On August 19 the first bell rings at 8:50 am and the day begins at 9:05 am. Please remember that students need to be in the classroom by 9:05 am to be considered on time. We will follow normal arrival and dismissal procedures on August 19 for our 1st-5th grade students. The school day ends at 3:35 pm.

If you have not done so, please remember to send the dismissal form to school with your child so that the classroom teacher knows how your child is to go home each day.

We look forward to seeing everyone in place on Monday, August 19. Please contact the school with any questions that you may have.

Ms. Morgan
Principal, Young School

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On August 19, kindergarten students and their family will participate in an hour long orientation at 10:00 am or 1:30 pm.

Please note that Ms. Horst's self-contained kindergarten students will have a full day of school on Monday, August 19.

How Students Enter the Building

On August 19 students will enter the building on their own. Staff members will be posted around the building to help direct students to their classrooms.

Please talk with your child about how they are to get home every day.

Dismissal Form

Dismissal Routes

Hot Lunch and Breakfast

Organic Life provides hot lunch everyday. The cost of lunch is $2.75.

Here is the link to the lunch and breakfast menu.

Organic Life provides breakfast each morning in mpr. The cost of breakfast is $1.60.

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School Hours

School Hours (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

8:50: 1st Bell Rings (students may enter the building)

9:05: School Begins

3:35: School Ends

Please remember that students need to be in their seat in the classroom by 9:05 am to be counted as arriving at school on time.

Wednesday School Hours

9:00: 1st Bell Rings (students may enter the building)

9:15 School Begins

3:35 School Ends

On Wednesdays, Young staff members do provide student supervision at 8:50 am for parents who have the need. Students are to enter the main office doors if supervision is needed before 9:00 am on Wednesday. Students will head to the gym to read while waiting for the bell to ring at 9:00.

PD Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, buses will pick up bus riders 10 minutes later and all children will enter the building at 9:00 am. The school provides student supervision at 8:50 am for parents who might not have flexibility in their Wednesday morning schedule. If your children are arriving at 8:50 am on PD Wednesday, please have them enter the building through main office doors.

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Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Student Drop off & Pick up

Parents who are driving their children to school are to use the car-line by the staff parking lot. The front circle parking lot is closed and reserved for buses at arrival and dismissal so that we can safely unload and load students off and on the buses. The front circle drive is closed to parents from 8:45 am – 9:05 am and from 3:15 pm – 3:50 pm every day.

Please note that parents need to walk their child back and forth at the crosswalk with the crossing guard on Asbury. Due to the increased traffic from buses, day care vans, and cars, Asbury is very busy with motor vehicles before and after school. Please do not jaywalk as it is difficult for buses and other vehicles to clearly see students and adults who are not using the crosswalk. The crosswalk is the safest way to cross the street.
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School Security and Building Visitors

All building doors are locked during the school day.

During the school day, all visitors to the building must ring the buzzer, check in at the main office, present their identification for safekeeping in the office, and wear a visitor badge while in the building.

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Forgotten Items

Forgotten School Items: Please allow your child to experience the full learning opportunity and life lessons that may come with a forgotten item. Children will not be allowed to call home for items forgotten at home or in the car. (except for lunches)

If parents do bring forgotten items to school, parents are to place items in the grade level bins across from the office. Please note, that chromebooks will not be accepted for drop-off at the forgotten student bin or the main office. In addition, the office will not interrupt instructional time to deliver forgotten items. It is the student’s responsibility to pick-up forgotten items in the front office.

Forgotten lunches will be placed in the lunch crate across from the school office. Lunchroom staff take lunches to the lunchroom prior to every lunch period.