Lineville Technology

By Kamryn Euclide

Typing Web

  • it helps you improve your skills at typing
  • There are three different courses which are: beginner, intermediate, and advanced
  • typing tests and games are also on the site


  • you can create movie trailers and movies
  • it allows you too put in your own videos and pictures
  • there are different themes for each movie or trailer
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haiku deck

  • you can make presentations
  • it allows you to add pictures
  • there are different backgrounds or you can add a picture for a background

explain everything

  • you can re-size pictures, drawings, and text
  • there are different slides for more room
  • it allows you to record your voice

hour of code

  • there are certificates after you finish
  • it allows you to do whatever you want and you can also animate your name
  • you can create the way a game can go

email etiquette

  • learn how to email
  • fix the way people have made mistakes
  • it is fun
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