Blue Mountains

Aleisha Lam 9GeographyO

Geographical Perspective On The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains were formed millennia ago and sandstone cliffs began to be carved from powerful torrents of Gondwanaland. Its mountains are remains of a plateau that has been eroded by rivers and creeks. These carved out cliffs and canyons covered 1400 square kilometres which are now known as the Blue Mountains. Majority of the higher Blue Mountain areas is made up of eucalyptus forest. The Wollemi Pine is a prehistoric plant that existed in Gondwanaland and can be found remote and isolated areas of Wollemi National Park.

Aboriginal Perspective On The Blue Mountains

The Three Sisters

The Aboriginals believed that the famous rocks in the Blue Mountains, The Three Sisters were created through a heroic story. This story was based on a family of three sisters and their father who lived amongst a creature that everyone feared, the Bunyip. Their father, Tyawan was a witch doctor and every time he needed to pass the lair of the Bunyip he would leave his daughters behind a large rock wall. On this certain day, Tyawan accidently woke the Bunyip from its slumber; it climbed out from its lair and began to lurk towards the girls who were oblivious to his presence. Tyawan saw this horrific scene before him and turned his daughters to stone with his magic bone to keep them from danger. The Bunyip turned to Tyawan and began to chase the man, but he was trapped. So he quickly transformed into a lyrebird and flew away. From this day Tyawan still continues to look for his magic bone to change his daughters back, who stand as rocks waiting for their father’s return.