Norwegian Americans

By Patrick Schomaker

When they came and why and were they settled.

Norwegian Amerasians came the most between 1825-1925. During that time more than 800,000 Norwegians came to America. That's about a third of nor ways population! They came for education, better jobs and more money and they came for religious freedom. They settled in mostly Pennsylvania, New York, lllinois, Chicago,. The most Norwegians settled and live in Mineapolis.

Traditions and additional facts

Some Norwegians traditions are during Easter they stayed in cabins on the moutains. They would give one big Easter egg filled with candy to every child. Also on summer they would take 3 weeks off and go on vacation? Most times when they went on vacation they would go some were really warm.Also during the 17th of May they would dress fancy in there national cloths and go do parades. There are more than 4.5 million Norwegian Americans. There is more Norwegian ancestry in the U.S.A than in Norway! About 2% of whites are from Norwegian decent.


In the 9th century there was 3 independent country's Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In the end of the 15 century marriage and unions had taken place between the 3 royal family's. Until Sweden and Norway were under the rule of the Danish. Sweden broke free, but Norway was a essentially colony of Denmark until 1814. Also Norway supported America in world war 1 and world war 2!

Ethnic food group recipient

Brown goat cheese on crackers

Brown goat cheese