Design online flyers to promote events, products and more

Advantages to using the software/app/tech tool

Its quick to use and can be accessed really easily and has cool templates and backgrounds

Disadvantages to using the software/app/tech tool

Some disadvantages are that WordPress does not allow Smore flyers to be embedded on their blogs and it can be really difficult to use, also you have coins pretty much and if you run our of them you have to purchase more and until then you cannot make more flyers

How this can be used in school + The benefits of using this

This website can be used in school by letting kids making posters, Presentations, flyers for sports or school activates all kinds of ways and it’s easy to use and free with tons of templates.

Using Smore in school

It can be used by being able to have a quick resource that is easy to use for advertising for your business or company

Examples of how to use this for the real world

  1. For flyers
  2. Any kind of Presentation

My overall thoughts about This website

I like this website actually it’s quick to use and is a very helpful resource for anything that has to do with presentations but i also think that watching a tutorial would be helpful because at first its really confusing.