A Guide to Bunburying

By S. Blair

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is taking on someone else's identity for the sole purpose of self-gain.

How do I know if Bunburying is right for me?

Do you:

  • constantly find yourself wanting to get out of social events?
  • want to marry someone under someone else's name because your family despises them?
  • need a reason to get out of town because you didn't pay your bills...again?
  • want to have a new set of friends?
  • want a fresh start on adulthood?

Then getting a Bunbury might be a good idea for you.

Section One: Preparing to Bunbury

Before you begin bunburying, there are a few steps you should take to make sure that you don't make mistakes.
Step One

Determine what you want to gain from your dual identity. Whether it's an escape from your current life or the chance to start a new one, having an idea of what you want to accomplish is a good idea.

Step Two

Make yourself a checklist to separate your lives. Color code the checklist so you know which life is which.

Section Two: Setting up your Dual Identity

Giving yourself an idea of what you want your Bunbury to be like is an advisable idea. If people ask about your Bunbury, you should be able to tell them a few things about this person. If you don't know anything about them, people won't believe you when you use the Bunbury as an excuse.
Step One

Give your dual identity a name and personality.

Step Two

Find a place for your "Bunbury" to live and give them a connection to you.

Step Three

Build relationships with people as your Bunbury.


Make sure the people you make relationships with as your Bunbury have no relation to people in your real life as this will create complications if your friends ever want you to meet yourself as a Bunbury.

Section Three: Taking Precautions to Being Caught

Make Excuses

Anytime you come close to getting caught or come to a close conversation about your Bunburying, use an excuse to get out of a bad situation or excuse your absence from a scene.

Don't let people take your pictures or relate anything to either of your lives.

If people take your pictures, there's a chance that people from your life as a Bunbury will see and ask questions. Relating things to yourselves will complicate things and lead to a LOT of explanations.

Follow These Rules and Enjoy Having a Bunbury!



  • Keep your life as a Bunbury and your real life separate.
  • Be cautious of what you say.
  • Be secretive.
  • Make excuses.



  • Let people take pictures of you.
  • Be friends with people you're friends with outside of Bunburying.
  • Be careless.
  • Be too open.
  • Use your name as your Bunbury's name.