Sydney, Australia

beach fun, city of lights, beautiful bays, and amazing food

Enjoy all of the exotic food that's to die for!

You have to try the mouth watering national cake! A Lamington is a scrumptious square shaped spongecake dipped in chocolate with coconut shavings on top! But before you eat that delicious cake, you have to have some dinner! Try out the emu which has more iron than beef, very low cholesterol, and fat free! Emu is extremely healthy, so treat yourself to a Tim tam! The Tim tam is a is a chocolate malted biscuit and in between there's a very light chocolate filling, which is topped off by being covered in chocolate. im starving just thinking about it! It is a problem if you don't nowhere to get these delicious foods, but don't worry! there are around 2000 restaurants just in Sydney! which the best sell seafood that is so good you won't want to ever leave! You'll be crazy if you don't try some of these cultural Australian eats!

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Going to Australia? then you have to hear some mind blowing facts about its culture, history, and the arts.

Lets go on down to one of sydney's many art galleries especially the fantastic award wining art gallerie, the power house art museum! Another fabulous art gallerie is the harbor side museum of contemporary art! If art isn't you style, then step into the shoes of a Sydneysider! Sydneysiders enjoy dance, music, movies, theatre, sculpting, writing, and painting! Want to combine sight-seeing and history? then visit the enchanting Botanic gardens! When great britain dumped off all of their convicts in Australia, the convicts planted their crops there. Now that you know a little bit about the arts, history, and culture you, when you visit you'll fit right in!

Every year, tourists enjoy thousands of fun activities that you too, are sure to love!

Two of the most popular places are right here in sydney! The glorious Sydney Harbor Bridge and the manificent and very famous Sydney Opra House! Another attraction is the Sydney Tower! It's the tallest open to the people tower in the southern hemisphere! This beautifully designed piece of architecture is 1000 feet tall! Wow! Just want to relax? Well there are hundreds of beaches and bays just waiting for you! Sydneysiders always go to the beach, weather it's a long day at work, or just the weekend! You are always welcome at the Australian beaches and bays! Time to go play at the beautiful parks that Sydney has to offer! Grab a baseball glove or a good book and experience the outdoors! Well, from the looks of it, you will never be bord in sydney! Have some fun!

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Photo description: the beautiful view from the amazing Sydney Tower.

Sydney is surely filled some good old landmarks and historical sights!

Sydney isn't known for their buildings, but they do have the wonderful Sydney Opra House! The Sydney Opra House is specially designed for listening to opra. After, you should go and see some animals that you never see in the U.S.A at the Taragona zoo! Don't forget about the sydney harbor bridge! It's the widest and heaviest arch bridge in the world! Now that you have to see! If your feeling adventurous than go to te magical Chinese garden! The Chinese garden is also know as the garden of friendship! These are just some of the sights waiting for you when you visit Australia.

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Sydneysiders mostly speak english, but they added a fun accent!

The Sydneysiders, mainly speak english, but they have an awesome distinct accent they you are sure to be enchanted by! Also, the aboriginal tribes speak thousands of different languages unique to their tribe. They also have alot of different words than here in the U.S. like emu, Tim Tam, Lamington, mate, oi! and barbie (which means barbique). Their words have different meanings too. Like we would friend, and they would say mate. Enthralling! Now that you know all about the language in Australia, you'll sound just like a real Sydneysider! Good aye mate!

learn about the climate and weather so you'll no the perfect time to go!

It can be hot, abd it can be cold so all you need to do is pick what you like best! In Sydney, it's usually warm, perfect for all the beaches! Surfs up! If you go in the winter there's a chance you could catch one huge event in Sydney; the film festival! Here's some of the percentages so you can choose! 79 degrees fahrenheit in February and 61 degrees fahrenheit in July! The weather is changing, so it all depends on what you want to do! Film festival or beach fun!

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