"Born Worker"

Gary Soto


Jose is a kid who works with his cousin. They said he was a born worker. They said that he was born with a dirt ring around his neck and grime under his fingernails. His hands turn rough when he was three and started drinking coffee when he was 7. His whole family worked and he turned out to be a great kid.


In the story "Born Worker" the conflict is about 2 boys (Jose and Arnie) and an old man (Mr.Clemens). Jose and his cousin Arnie are cleaning a pool for money. While Jose does all of the work Arnie sits down and does nothing, talking about his life. Then the old man checks to see how the job is going and drops his hearing aid into the water. The old man goes to reach for it and falls in and bumps his head. He bleeds and Jose tries to help him. Arnie runs away and Jose haths to call the police and make sure he's ok. When the cops come Arnie lies to the police and said he was cleaning the pool and Jose walks away.

Big Events Of the Story

He walked away, and realized that there were people like his cousin, the liar, and people like himself, someone getting to know


Overall it was a good story. The kid realized that there are people that lie and people that are like him. He helped the old man instead of running away like his cousin Arnie. The Story "Born Worker" had a great setting and theme. His parents were hard workers and barely raised enough money to keep their house. Jose was raised to be just like them a hard worker.

Nick Carrillo