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Miss Dunn's Third Grade Newsletter

March 16-20, 2015

This week we have had special guests in our classroom to help us learn about the history of Grove City. We invited pre-service teachers from Grove City College to come into our classroom and help us appreciate the historic value of our town! These teachers have helped us learn about timelines, resources, civics, and maps. They also brought us a special guest - Mayor Randy Riddle!

In math this week we have been working with rulers. Students are learning to measure various objects in the classroom using the inches side of a ruler. This is an important step in our math learning as we will be moving on to the basics of geometry and working with shapes to find perimeter and area later this year.

I am so proud of my readers this week! Your children are avid readers and I am very impressed by the AR points they have been racking up this month! In class we have been working on finding the main idea in paragraphs and writing short summaries. Our writing skills are improving as we learn about connecting complete sentences to support our main idea.

As you know, PSSAs are coming up quickly! We are doing as much as we can to prepare for the tests by working through PSSA material in math and reading. Our students are working very hard and learning constantly.

Gristmill Video

Students learned about Valentine Cunningham's first business in Pine Grove - a gristmill. We watched from 1:13 to 2:30 to get an idea of why that business was an important resource for our developing town.
Union Mills Grist Mill


Reminder: We will be having a test in our social studies unit on Grove City on Monday, March 23rd. Please remind your student to prepare with the materials that are being sent home. We also have our usual spelling test on Friday, March 27th.

Thank you to parents: We loved all of the St. Patrick's day treats that were sent in on Tuesday! Thank you for loving our class!

If you have any questions,please feel free to contact me!

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