March Newsletter

New Milford Youth Agency

NMYA Directors Message - Jason O'Connor, LMSW

Spring is often the time for household cleaning, revival, and improvement. But these terms and rejuvenation can also be applied to ourselves and the creation of opportunities to prioritize ourselves and our mental wellness. Check out the below checklist for "Spring Cleaning for the Mind," and see how you can start on your own inner Spring renewal!

"...Spring is a great time to do a little “spring cleaning” of some of the mental dirt we accumulate in our minds and hearts. Decluttering negativity and drama from our lives and rejuvenating positive endeavors, such as creative projects, helps us start off the new spring season refreshed, and ready to better ourselves" (Lifeline Connections, 2016).
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Childcare and Prevention Manager- Brian Hembrook

The Youth Agency's Child Care Program is excited that the K-2 and Sarah Noble students will be returning to school 4 1/2 days a week. This allows us to return to our programming to our usual social and emotional developmental play after school. We look forward to returning to our status as a fun & safe place to play after school!

Youth Intervention Manager- Stacey Kabasakalian

February was black history month, but of course, the spotlight on racial issues must continue as members of CYSA (Connecticut Youth Services Association), our staff & Juvenile Review Board are working with other Youth Service Bureaus throughout the state to address the issue of anti-racism. Our mission is to promote the health and welfare of youth. This means we must address the concerns for BIPOC youth (Black, Indigenous, and people of color). Here is part of the statement provided by CYSA:

"It is one thing to state that CYSA stands in opposition to systemic racism and white supremacy, but those words are empty without action. Connecticut’s BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) youth need our accountability and leadership. Our goal as a statewide association is to strengthen and support Youth Service Bureaus (YSB) in Connecticut. Our support for youth is unwavering, and collectively, we must play our part in this anti-racism movement."

The New Milford Youth Agency will continue working with CYSA and other colleagues to best serve our community and promote children and their families' welfare, which includes addressing racism in all forms.

To view the entire CYSA statement on racism, go to their website:

Enrichment Program- Vincent Vanwattum

This Spring, we are offering cooking classes for grades 1-8, painting classes for grades 3-5, and Blacksmithing for Beginners for those who are homeschooled. We are in the planning stages for a Mindfulness Workshop, Basic Mechanics Class, Robotics, and Agriculture Education opportunities at Sullivan Farm.

For dates, times, and fees, please visit Please email or call 860-210-2030 with any questions or concerns.

Parenting Tips for Anxious Kids- Sara Wells LMSW

Parenting tips for anxious kids #4 :

Passing on your fears -

Try to keep your fears to yourself, and as best you can, present a positive or at least neutral description of a situation. Let them know that it is safe to explore. It is not helpful to laugh or minimize your child's fear. But humor does help one deal with the world, so show your child how to laugh at life's absurdities and mistakes.