By: Baileigh Ehrenberg

Egytian Basics!

My country is Egypt. The capital of Egypt is Cairo. Egypt's flag is a mixture of red, white and black. The Egyptian flag consists of three equal horizontal red, white and black bands of the Arab Liberation flag dating back to the Egyptian Revolution in 1952. The flag was adopted on October, 4, 1984.

Geography & Government

Countries that surround Egypt are Israel, Libya, Sudan, Greece, and Saudi Arabia. One MAJOR landform in Egypt is the Nile River. This river is very popular in Egypt. A very popular landmark in Egypt is the Egyptian Pyramids. Some major rivers and waterways in Egypt are Nile river, Lake Nasser, and the Alexandria. Egypt's environmental problems stem from its, extremely uneven population distribution, shortage of arable land, and pollution. Soil fertility has declined because of over-cultivation and agricultural land has been lost to urbanization and desert winds


Egypt generally has a hot, desert climate. Its primarily dry all of the time. Egypt receives between 20 mm (0.79 in) and 200 mm (7.87 in) of annual average precipitation along the narrow Mediterranean coast, but south to Cairo, the average drops to nearly 0 mm in the central and the southern part of the country since it is so dry. July is the hottest month in Egypt with an average annual temperature of 33 degrees C or 91 degrees F. And the coldest month of the year is January with an average temperature of 18 degrees C or 64 degrees F. Because it is so hot most of the year and dry this limits the Egyptians to a lot of water, also because it doesn't rain often in Egypt they aren't able to grow plants for food.


1. In 332 B.C Alexander the Great, conquers Egypt. He begins a dynasty that rules for 300 years.

2. Rome takes control of Egypt in 30 B.C.

3. In 1914 Egypt is declared a protectorate of Britain, giving Britain control over Egypt.

4. Egypt declares independence from Britain. A monarchy is established, and Fuad I is named king in 1922.

5. In 1967 Israel defeats Egypt.

6. In 1978 Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister begin signing the U.S. sponsored Camp David Peace Accords. Israel returns the Sinai to Egypt in exchange for peace.

Compare & Contrast

Egypt's and the United States clothing is very different but similar as well. In America we don't wear cloth around our head, but in Egypt they do. Also, men do not wear, robes. But at the same time we do wear some of the same casual clothing aspects such as, pants, shorts, shirts, and skirts. Also, the religions are very different . Not only is the cultural clothing different between these two countries. Their religion is also different. In America most of our population is either Christian, Catholic, or Jewish. In Egypt most Egyptians are Muslim's which follows to the religion of Islam. These two religions are very different because Christianity believes that there is only one god but consists of many different people such as Jesus and that he died on the cross so we could live. On the other hand Muslim's believe also in one god but their god is called Quran. Also, Muslim's strongly believe that Jesus is not the son of God, but Christians do.