Yogesh Patel Santa Cruz


Likes to Rock

Yogesh Patel Santa Cruz loves some rock and roll, whether it be smooth and classic or modern and heavy. He has played in conventional rock bands as well as punk rock and metal bands. He is a very talented guitarist and is very skilled with palm muting, pinch harmonics and other such techniques used by heavy rockers and guitar legends.

ESL Teacher in Korea

Yogesh Patel Santa Cruz has taught English as a second language for over a decade. It is a career that has taken him all over the world and allowed him to be immersed in a number of different cultures. As an ESL Professional he has been an influence in the lives of others who have gained the benefits of knowing a foreign language. Below, he shares what his experience teaching in South Korea was like, and how it helped him develop as a professional.

In South Korea, Yogesh Patel Santa Cruz gained much insight as to what is expected of teachers in different cultures. He taught in a private school that was in session from 3pm to 10pm every day, starting every day right after the kids were getting out of their normal public schooling that they attended in the earlier half of the day. Because of this, he took on just as many parenting and mentorship roles than he did as teaching roles. He was an active member of each child’s every school day, which made him a constant influence in their lives who also helped them cope with any issues that they may have been dealing with outside of the classroom but had little time to focus on.

This experience made him a well-rounded role model for the kids who learned to take a vested interest in the well-being of each one. He developed personal relationships with each one and they trusted him as well as looked up to him as an upstanding citizen.

Yogesh Patel Santa Cruz - A True Family Man

Now having spent a good portion of his life in other countries, Yogesh Patel Santa Cruz has returned to the United States to live and work in New Jersey, a state that he has found to be a great place for raising a family. Now with a wife and two kids, he is a proud family man who loves and cares for each member of his family in ways that make him both an excellent husband as well as father. Below, he introduces and shares some details about each member of his beautiful family.

Amaya is Yogesh Patel Santa Cruz’s wife of fifteen years. They first met in Japan while he was teaching English as a second language over there. The two fell for each other then, but Amaya was still finishing her schooling in Tokyo when he finished his contract, so they separated for a few years and ended up getting back together in the United States. Now she is a legal assistant as well as a mother to their two beautiful children.

Ken, their first-born, is a seventh grader who has already displayed his incredible smarts and ability to be a wonderful student in school. He has won multiple spelling bees at his school, and has gotten outstanding results in standardized English tests.

Sunny is their second and youngest child; and she too displays exceptional skills in English. Evidently both of Yogesh Patel Santa Cruz’s kids inherited that gene, as her vocabulary extends far beyond that of your average second grader.

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Yogesh Patel Santa Cruz has been a snowboarder his whole life and he has gained the skills necessary to take on a wide variety of terrain. Not only has he boarded in the United States throughout his upbringing, but with his job as an ESL Teacher he has taken his board with him to Japan, Korea, Switzerland, France, Chile, Argentina and many other world-class destinations. Below, Yogesh Patel Santa Cruz touches base on the differences between the types of terrain that one would encounter at most ski resorts around the world.


Groomers are the best option for beginners, as the groomed paths and wide lanes are not only free of obstacles but also spacious enough to get a good learning session in. Groomers can be labeled as greens, blues or even blacks at times.

Ungroomed Terrain

When it comes to terrain that hasn’t been touched by plows or snow making machines, you get out of the groomers category and go into terrain that is usually categorized by a black diamond, double black diamond, or “expert only” designation. These types of areas will include obstacles that range anywhere from trees to boulders, cliffs and other such hazardous conditions. Once someone gains the skills necessary to take on such terrain, they also reap the benefit of going to the lesser-occupied parts of the mountain.


Once riders have gained a certain level of expertise that enables them to do tricks, they often then go to the park to test out what they have. Terrain parks contain obstacles such as ramps, rails and half pipes to encourage people to test their acrobatics on the board.

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