Symbolic Interactionism Theory

in "Life as We Know It"

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Symbolic Interactionism

A theory that attempts to explain how individuals choose how they will act on their perceptions of themselves and of others.

Symbolic Interationists...

believe that once a person determines what something means to them, then they will decide how to act.

Body Language

The process of communicating nonverbally through conscious and unconscious gestures and movements.

Theory in "Life as We Know It"

Symbolic Interactionism is evident in the accident scene. After hearing of the death of Alison and Peter, Holly and Eric comfort each other through the use of body language. When Eric arrives at the police station, Holly confirms that their best friends have tragically passed away. They cry and hug each other. Although it is evident many times that they both have a strong dislike for one another, Holly and Eric put their personal differences aside when they interpret the gesture of a hug and respond appropriately in that scene.

The Meaning Behind a Hug

Even though Holly and Eric had personal issues with one another, they still embraced in a hug. Both characters determined that a hug meant affection and comfort, then in that moment they decided to hug each other to help cope with the loss of their friends and the pain. Thus, they comforted each other through the rough time of reality.
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