Can You Dig It?

Although there was an economic crisis, the “do what you feel” decade, also known as the 70’s changed Canada in many ways with the growing economic success of the Oil Rush, key female figures in Canada, and new structures and innovations all leading towards Canada becoming an ever so changing country throughout the decade not only by improving the worst inflation rate but the sense of Canada being a diverse and well known country.

Economic Falls and Rises

The seventies continued with the recession increasing. The cost of living was too high compared to the salaries, the unemployment rate had sky rocketed from a point in time where it had only been 2%. For the first part of the decade things seemed to be spiraling downwards. Trudeau and the Liberals, went against their beliefs and changed every thing!

Canada's changing Political View

As time has gone on in Canada the role of women has changed. From getting actual jobs, to voting women's roles were continuously changing through time. In it's third stint as you can say there was another women's rights movement. Although this may seem like a shock, Canada once had a death penalty and it took all the way until the 1970's to get rid of this horrifying law. Although the reasons behind the law being upheld were not the most humane it has benefited.

Canada's Ever so Growing Sense of Pride!

As the seventies came around, Canada was still as proud as ever. In a time of threat with the Cold War, Canada had to protect itself. To enter the race Canada had the Summit Series. A series played by the two best hockey teams in the world. 7 games to remember. Canada contains one of the seven wonders of the world, but to have a man made phenomenon in arguably one of the top cities to live in the world, in the construction of the CN Tower.
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