Soldiers Heart Book Project

By: Bailey Schmitt

Setting and Characters

Fort Snelling is where Charley (main character) joins the army. In Virginia Charley had his first battle. His last battle was in Pennsylvania. Ma is also a character. Ma is Charley's mom. Nelson was a friend that Charley met during the war.


Charley who was born in Minnesota, volunteers to join the war to fight for the USA. Charley joins the army in Fort Snelling. Charley fought his first battle which was called the battle of Bull Run in Virginia. He did not like participating and being in the war anymore. He broke down physically and mentally. He died at the age of 23.

Event 1

In the first battle the Union got beat very badly.

The Confederate won in the second battle.


Before he went to the war you have to be a certain age to be in the war. Well the first problem is that Charley lied and signed a contract saying he was eighteen and older.

The second problem is that when he went to the war after awhile he seemed not to like it anymore.


The theme of this book is to... not lie especially about your age going into the war because that can cause a lot of trouble.


  • Charley who is the main character is excited to go to war. He lied about his age about being over the age of eighteen. He goes into the war and does not like it very well. He regrets going their because he misses his family and wants to go back home. He has always wanted to fight for the USA. He would also want to be very pleased with having the right to fight in the war. He did not like his uniforms, team, or anything else about the war. He had to deal with fighting until the end of it.