Current Event Reflection

Nathan Bond and his wife Elisa live in Brooklyn, New York. They have a 9 month old daugher. Around Easter of 2011 Nathan was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer, he was given a 60% chance of living 5 years. About a week later, Elisa was diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer, however she was only given a 16% chance of surviving 5 years. The couple says that despite their situation they feel more loved than ever. Their friends and family members raised around 25,000 dollars to pay for the couple's treatments.
Their situation is very similar to Augustus and Hazel's. They both are diagnosed with cancer, however it seems like one will survive longer than the other. In The Fault in Our Stars, Augustus was expected to live a cancer free life while Hazel was incurable. This real life example of Nathan and Elisa demonstrates two people who are in love with each other fighting cancer.
Even though it seems like Elisa will not survive her cancer, everyone is still showing support and raising money for her treatments. Most importantly, she says she feels more loved than ever. This relates back to the theme of The Fault in Our Stars; loving someone even though you know your time with them is limited. Her friends and family and husband know that she will most likely not survive, yet they are still making her feel loved.