TLS Morning Announcements 5-5-2020

Trinity Lutheran School

Morning Announcements

Below is the morning announcement video for Tuesday, May 5. You can also share this link with your students so they can watch it on YouTube if you choose. You can also find the link on the school website.

Morning Announcements Playlist

If your student(s) would like to do the fact of the day they can come up with their own fact and you record them and email them to me at


  • Pastor Chartrand from Luther Prep will be providing our chapel message tomorrow.
  • Chapel Offering - If you want you can bring your child's offering on Sunday. It is going to help support orphans in Haiti.
  • Next Pick-up and Drop-off will be Saturday, May 9 from 12-3.
  • Bussing Info for 2020-21 School Year Bussing Application 20-21.

I hope everyone has a great day.
Mr. Gut

5 5 2020 TLS Morning Announcements