Emile Durkheim

By Connor Hecke

Early Days

    • Born in April of 1858

    • From France

    • Rabbinical School and École normale supérieure

    • High class

    - Mother was a merchant daughter
    - Father Chief Rabbi of the Vosges and Haute-Marne
    • Graduated in 1882 with a degree in philosophy

    • He traveled to Germany in 1885 to study sociology for 2 years

    • In 1887 he started teaching in France at University of Bordeaux

    • Also in 1887 he married Louis Dreyfus

    - They had two kids
    • Died in November of 1917

    What Did Emile Do?

    • At the University of Bordeaux he introduced the study of social science

    • His first major work was The Division of Labor In Society. Published in 1893

    - It broke down the influence of the social norms of an individual in a society

    • His next piece of work was The Rules of Sociological Method. Published in 1895
    - It stated what sociology was and how it should work.

    • His third major work was Suicide: A study in sociology. Published in 1897

    - A Study on the different suicide rates with Protestants and Catholics. He stated a stronger social impact with Catholics lowers the suicide rates.

    • His last Major work was The Elementary Forms of The Religious life. Published in 1912

    -This was a book that looked at religion as a social Phenomenon