Longbranch Weekly Family Newsletter

SENT: January 2, 2018

January Reading Challenge!

We threw together a little reading challenge toward the end of the break to hopefully give you a breather, parents, and get the kids back into the swing of school. Our goal was 150 books read by the end of winter break (as of this moment we're at 186!!) and 500 total read by January 31st. If the kiddos can complete that goal, they will have a DJ Dance Party in February.

PS: Parent books count, books on tape count, all family literacy counts so log away.

LOG HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/MJmkkLDrbLOTghMI3

New Immunizations Required for 18-19 School Year

Beginning with the 18-19 school year, students will be required to have evidence of the Hepatitis A vaccine series. This is a 2-shot series that is given 6 months apart. This means that all kids who HAVE NOT had the series, will need to have the first shot in January or February. Please check with your physician's office to determine if:
1. Your child has had the series.
2. If so, determine if it is reflected on the immunization record. The forms were recently changed to reflect this series so the form we have on file may not be accurate. Your safest bet is to get a copy of your child's form from the doctor and send us a copy.
3. If not, schedule the first shot now.

Call Shawna or Carol for additional information: 859-384-4500

Boone County Inclement Weather Policy

With winter upon us, tis the season for delays and closings. Please view the district's policy for closing due to inclement weather here: http://www.boone.k12.ky.us/Content/1126

We send an all-call out in the morning when we receive notification that school will be closed. This also sends a text and an e-mail through our system. You have the option to opt-out of this service by pressing 1 or calling 855-502-7867 from the phone number you no longer wish to receive calls from.

  • We do not post on our social media sites so as to not repeat information in multiple venues. Boone County Schools posts to their sites and to our website.
  • We do not send Remind for inclement weather. We use remind for informational purposes. We use Blackboard Connect for weather notifications and delays.
  • Blackboard Connect sends all of our weather calls for us to the phone and email addresses on file in our student database. If you have moved this year or if you've changed numbers, we recommend contacting our main office to have your information adjusted. It does take 24 hours to make changes and have them uploaded into the system.
  • We are sending a test call tonight at 7pm.

**You will still receive emergency calls if you opt out of the general calls. For instance, if we need to evacuate the building in the middle of the day, we will still be able to contact your through Blackboard Connect even if you opt out of the weather calls.

Dismissing school in the middle of the day due to inclement weather is NEVER something we are fond of doing, but should the need arise and the district makes the determination to do so, we will plan to send your child home in the manner you originally intended when you sent them to school that day. If your plans change due to inclement weather, please call the school office.






1-2: Winter Break

3: School Resumes

5: Popcorn Friday, Rainbow Spirit Day (wear as many colors as possible)

9: SBDM at 5pm and PTO Board Meeting at 6pm

11: School Board Meeting at Ralph Rush Center at 7:30pm

12: 4th/5th grade Girls and Boys Night Out Event hosted by counseling staff, 6-8pm

15: No School--Martin Luther King Day

22-26: JDRF Habit 8 Project by Johanna Heinze

24: PARENT EVENT: Resilient Movie and Debrief

26: New Student Breakfast

29: Club Day

30: Lighthouse Readiness Check


2: Popcorn Friday and Wear Something You Love Spirit Day

5: No School--Waived for spring student led conferences in May

7: SAC

8: School Board Meeting at 7:30pm at Ralph Rush Center

10: Top Flight Night from 4-8pm for all Longbranch families!!

13: SBDM at 5pm and PTO General Meeting/Winter Story Night at 6pm

14: Friendship Celebrations

17: Family Dance from 7-10pm

23: New Student Breakfast

26: Club Day

27: 5th Grade to the Freedom Center and LBES Night at the Fundome

28: Turner Syndrome Awareness Day--wear purple