Cyber Safety Parent Night

Time:6pm Where: HH Jr-Sr High School Date:2/23/22

Understanding Cyber Safety

With the explosion of remote instruction and the expansion of cyberspace into our homes, our kids today have access to, and are accessible to many websites and online video games. Our "tools" may become dangerous when we do not know how to use them responsibly or how to monitor what they are being used for.

What is Social Media? What is it used for? When you think of Social Media- you think Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter...except many of our kids don't even mention them when they are asked by School Counselors. They will say that they have an Instagram and use Twitter, but most of their connections are on Snap-Chat, Tik Tok, Wattpad, gaming platforms, KIK, Discord, Tumblr,, YouNow, Whisper, Yubo, and Amino. Many students play online video games with people all around the world. It would be a great idea to monitor what is said in these video games and who your children are communicating with.

Tonight, You Will Learn...

We believe in this cause, and wanted to help give you an opportunity to learn about Cyber safety from professionals that handle these situations on a daily basis. We are lucky enough to have a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security and a detective with the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office to join us and present this critical topic on cyber safety for our children!

This event should be informational and informative for all.

The detective will be covering topics such as:

1. Cyber bullying.

2. How and why to make your social media/gaming accounts private.

3. The dangers of meeting people online, not sending/asking for/posting inappropriate images/videos online.

4. Possible consequences of not being careful online.

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- The location will be at the Jr. Sr. High School in the auditorium 301 2nd Ave, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035.

- Please wear a mask.

-Please complete the visitor screening form. The form is located right here Visitor Covid Screening

Thank you so much! We hope to see you there! This parent conference is highly recommended as it could be helpful promoting cyber safety!

If you have any questions...

Please call (856) 547-0630 ext. 8505!