Talk of the Trail

December 2014

Talk of the Trail is written by students at Forest Trail Academy. For more information, please visit or call 800.890.6269.

Hour of Code

We live in a world surrounded by technology. But only a tiny fraction of us are learning computer science, and less students are studying it than a decade ago. In 2013, organized the first "Hour of Code" event to spark an interest in computer science and demonstrate that anyone can learn to code. In just one week, 15 million students worldwide learned an hour of code. This year, students at Forest Trail Academy were invited to participate in the Hour of Code event, which took place during Computer Science Education Week (December 8-14). Talk of the Trail is interested in hearing from those students who participated. If you would like to share your experience, please send a message to Mrs. Johnson.


by Haley B.

Success is a tricky word to define. Some might consider it a destination, others, a journey. However, without a doubt, all great minds will tell you that it is characterized by happiness. If you find yourself in a high-paying job you loathe twenty years from now, you have not obtained success. Yet, if you find yourself on the bounds of poverty surrounded by people who make your heart content, you have broken the mold of human expectation, achieved happiness and likewise success. For this reason, you cannot be afraid to run with your dreams, no matter how large, frightening, or seemingly impossible they might be. The society we live in is based upon void standards and expectations, and many us spend our lives trying to force ourselves inside this inhabitable box.

However, the moment we break free and allow our natural passions to flourish is the moment we allow ourselves to transcend the boundary of the ordinary. Only when we embrace the unique and individual aspects of ourselves can we go where no other has gone before. Yes, we will end up in places we’ve only dreamed of and where some never dream of going. But, nonetheless, it is not their journey to decide, nor is it something they must live with. That being said, always remember your decisions are your own and will slowly but surely shape your entire life. Do what your own heart tells you to do, or else, you might find yourself miserable, caught up in the life of someone else. We must work to fulfill our personal endeavors of happiness because this, my friend, is the very definition of success.

“There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way.” – Christopher Morley


Imagination | by Briana D.

I sit by the window and look at the stars

My thoughts are all over the place from afar.
A moment in time I imagine myself
Going somewhere away from all my dilemma.
In my dreams I'm the King of the Castle
Nobody can tell me what to do, they should sway.
All those ones who have mocked me my whole life,
Touché my friends - that's all I can say.
I know that what I hope for might never come true
One in a million they say, that will never be you
Never look in that direction; as long as I'm here, anything is perfection.

Autumn Came Over | by Briana D.

Autumn came like a Christmas miracle,
It showed up at the door with her suitcases.
The wind blew with a scouth and whistled with his mouth,
Autumn cheerfully waved at him, pointing south.

The sun as quiet as a mouse,
Began to lose its shine and glory
Turning colder and colder every day,
Until Autumn told him not to worry.

For the next few months he would take over,
As a King rules over his palace.
Autumn is a shining warrior,
Who waits patiently many months to come,
All the way from as far as Dallas.

In the Mood for Christmas Spirit | by Briana D.

The white snowflakes from the sky are coming down,
I am feeling so excited that I can hardly make a sound.
Today is the day I have been waiting for, for 364 days,
The clock ticks at 12 am and now I can safely say -

We've made it, it's that time of the year
When we can all celebrate full of Christmas cheer.
The presents are all under the glowing tree
And I'll just pick out what Santa brought for me!

The outside is surrounded by a blanket of white and gray,
The wind whistles soundly and makes his usual waves.
Today has been full of joyful, glowing tears,
Now it's time to turn off the star and wait for next year.

Open Eyes | by Briana D.

The wind briefly touches my cheek,
I am so mesmerized that I can hardly speak.
The crunch of the leaves is under my feet,
The squirrels rush by looking for nuts to eat.

Ahead of me I can picture the waterfall make waves,
Gentle at first, yet starting to increase with the trees' sways.
I can taste the snowflakes falling down from the sky,
They are chilly and cold, but I simply walk by.

Everywhere I look, prickly trees I can see,
It's too bad that winter won't let them be.
As the clouds glide by and the rain drizzles down
I realize that darkness is far away from this town.

Christmas Poem for One and All | by Amber H.

Here comes the fun for a holiday soon to be.

Oh! It’s my favorite festival here with me.

It’s time for some Christmas bells to ring.

It’s time for Santa to come home and sing.

This Christmas will be filled with laughter and joy,

Sing along come on boy,

All the Christmas songs this year,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Just Because | by Nia D.

Just because the knife point is in front of your face,

Doesn’t mean it can’t stab you in the back.

Just because they say your heart is healthy,

Doesn’t mean you can’t have a heart attack.

Just because I say I love you,

Doesn’t mean I do.

Just because I said it,

Doesn’t make it true.

Just because these are words,

Doesn’t mean this makes sense.

Just because the water is deep,

Doesn’t make it dense.

Just because I bought it,

Doesn’t make it mine.

Just because I said I’d be there,

Doesn’t mean I have time.

What I’m saying is not everything, is always what it seems,

The truth may not be, where the bright light deems.

You have to look a little bit deeper,

Look behind the lurking creeper.

They’re not picture perfect, the camera is flawed,

Beauty is skin deep, leave perfection for God.

This poem isn’t great, but it has a relevant meaning,

Look beneath the scars, bruises and the silent screaming.

Talk of the Trail is written by students at Forest Trail Academy. For more information, please visit or call 800.890.6269.