From Cow to Football

By Javon Whetstone 3AS


Have you ever wondered how a football Is made? Read this you will find out how footballs are made and a few other interesting facts about footballs


The football's journey begins at a farm. First the farmer skins the cow, the cow is usually fully grown and tanned. Then the cow hide is distributed to the factory


This is where the hide becomes a football. The hide is stamped with a bumpy texture then it is dyed brown. It is then cut into egg shapes. Logos and lines are now added. The hides are sewn together the ball is bathed for 15 minutes. Then the laces are added. The ball is inflated and inspected and distributed to the store.


This is where the ball is bought. When the ball gets to the store it is shelved by workers in the store. Then people buy it for a set price the person then uses the football for football games.

Interesting Facts

Now you know how a football is made but there are other amazing facts about footballs you might not know, such as the weird shape of a football makes it go long distances. Did you know that the lines on a football aren't on NFL footballs. It takes about five days to make a football.


Now you know how footballs are made. Hope you learned something from this article. Even if you didn't I hope you still had a good time reading it.
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