Google Boot Camp #2: Slides

April 27, 2016 - BEST District of the EVSC

Improve Productivity

This is the second of four Google Drive Tips that focus on using your Drive more efficiently. Your productivity will increase and these supports will encourage you to work smarter, not harder. This week's focus is Google Slides.

Linking an Image on a Slide

Did you know that any image you add to a slide can be linked to something that exists on the web? Not only will this make your slides more engaging, but on those really LONG presentations, it is a great way to build in an organizational structure, i.e. table of contents or home button.

Step 1: Insert Image

  1. On a slide, click Insert, then Image; or
  2. Click the Image Button

Step 2: Adding a Link (See Image Below)

  1. Select an Image
  2. Click the Link Button
  3. Paste URL, perform a search, or link to another slide in the presentation
  4. Click Apply
Big image

Step 3: Viewing Link

To view your link, click the present button. Then when you navigate to the page with the link you will be able to click on the picture to open the link.

Try It!

Google Slides as Thank You Notes

Do you need your class to write Thank you Notes to someone in the community? Consider using Google Slides! Each student could get their own slide while collectively the whole class is all in on the same project at the same time? Not only is this a way to gain experience working with Google Slides, but it is also a Green solution.

Image Masking

It sounds painfully difficult, but essentially you are cropping an image to a new outline. Easy! Click on the embedded link below to learn more!