Ms. Arsenault's Weekly Update

March 7, 2014

Parent Portal/Missing Assignments

Please remember to check parent portal on a regular basis. Several students are missing assignments that were given during class time, and currently have a zero in the gradebook. Also, I still have several students who have not taken the reassessment for the last test.

Functions Test

We have completed the Functions Test. Reassessment assignments for students who need or choose to complete it, will go home on Monday. The window for this reassessment will be until the 28th of March. If you child is required to take the reassessment for this test and does not complete it by this date, they will be scheduled for Saturday School.

Also, please be aware that there is an entire section on your student's eClass page for math that has practice websites for this test. Please have them sign on and practice.

Next Up...

We have begun our Systems of Equations Unit. We will be working a lot with equations and solving for a variable. Please have your student practice solving equations at home, as it is essential to the success of this unit as well as CRCT.

CRCT Review

I have chosen to utilize the extra 30 minutes that I see your child by providing a CRCT review. We will cover a new topic every week. Last week we reviewed Exponents. This week we will be reviewing Equations. If you need more practice for your child to do at home, please let me know.

Help Sessions:






*If your student would like to come in more mornings, please contact me via email and I will find a teacher that they can work with on the mornings that I am not available.