Glasgow - Scotland


New Life Church

I hosted a "wee" lunch for the "Married" saints of New Life. The goal: to encourage their involvement in the Kingdom of God. Emphasizing their importance of being the pillars of this local church.

I also started a community outreach program- Litter Project. Our team wears neon colored vests imprinted with the words "WE CARE New Life Church". Twice a month we go out into the community area designated to us by the Scottish Council and pick up trash. The goal: to let the community see us in action caring for our/their neighborhood. We are live advertisements!!!

Other areas I am involved in......

  • I run the A/V, during Sunday morning services and special programs, using a program called Proclaim to displace the words of the worship songs.
  • I help in hospitality by escorting guests sight seeing, keeping the linens washed and ready for the next guests and preparing the guests' rooms and grocery shopping for them, as needed.
  • I volunteer in the nursery as needed and provide child care for the Ladies monthly Bible study as needed.
  • I am advertising to teach "Search For Truth" Bible Studies. The Goal: to teach at least 5 by May 2014.

Some Pictures!

Elgin - Scotland

Calvary Tabernacle - Elgin

I had the privilege of helping Bro and Sis Coker as the church in Elgin brought in the New Year. I helped with kids' games, participated in the adult games and helped in food preparation. We ushered the new year in with prayer and had a great time of fellowship with their congregation. It was so nice to be with them again since I had spent a month with them last July.

The first weekend of February, 2 other students and I traveled to Elgin. There we lead the service. Abigail and Denae played the keyboard and led in song and worship. I taught on prayer. We had a sweet presence of the Lord there and are thankful for the opportunity to support the Cokers and their church. The goal: to go once each month to help in their church.

Now let's look at me as a student at HBC!

The classes are quite amazing! Here are a few of the guest teachers we have had the privilege of learning from. We are so appreciative of their time and investment not only in us but in the Kingdom of God!

CLASS: The Study of the Poetical Books - JOB

The importance of taking the lemons of your life and making lemonade out of them!

Sis Kelley is an awesome teacher!

That's alllllllll folks!