Come to Butterflytopia now! (WATCH OUT FOR BUTTERFLIES.)

Welcome to Butterflytopia

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Town Map


Welcome to Butterflytopia! We are on an island located right beside California! If you come here, you will find that it is not too hot, not too cool, but it's just right and there are many, many hills but they're not too steep. We have a church, an outdoor school for kids from preschool to high school, a butterfly garden, a water park, restaurants, shops, and nature trails. Since water is important for life and the first people on earth founded their land near water. We have plenty of water with our streams, waterfall, and the sea surrounding our island.
Now I want to share some information about an important historical event, when I founded Butterflytopia. Lakota (founder) P.O.V: I was on a three hour cruise with some of my friends. I turned around and saw this gorgeous butterfly-shaped island! My friends just thought it was nothing, but I wanted to check it out. I went straight to the captain and asked him to lead us to shore. I got off the boat and saw the beauty of the sun glistening on the water! I saw all the butterflies and the trees and thought of all of the gorgeous houses and other buildings and bridges and butterfly houses I could arrange to be built! Later, when all of the buildings and other things were built I had found the construction workers didn't cut down trees and made a tree mansion just for me! Historian P.O.V: I had an interview with Ms.Fortman earlier and she told me that her and her friends were on a cruse. When she turned around she saw a butterfly-shaped island. She wanted to check it out so she went to the captain and told him to head ashore. she saw the beauty of the whole island and thought to herself what it would look like with buildings and other things like that. later, to her surprise, the workers built a mansion for her.
some artifacts archaeologists have found are, the butterfly fossil that is located in my home, the old Indian tribe that lived here before I founded Butterflytopia had left a vase with butterfly prints on it, some old monarch rock painting, and finally, an amazing cave full of butterfly and waterfall paintings!

Supplies and Houses

We here will provide houses and supplies you will need. Food: fruit, vegetables, meats, dairy, grains, and candy for the little ones! Furniture: chairs, sofas, tables, desks, drawers, beds, shelves and mini fridges.

some important things in our town

See our town fossil

Where I founded Butterflytopia, is where I found this fossil! it is a rare, butterfly fossil. It is our town fossil, and it is in my home, you can see it any time you want! just knock first 'cause I'll need my privacy.

Tag and Release

Sunday, Sep. 27th, 2pm

Butterflytopia Butterfly Garden

Come join us as we catch, tag and release the monarch butterflies in our butterfly garden. These butterflies are getting ready to head to Mexico and we want to be able to track them when they reach their destination!