Poster Genre Research

Social Realism Posters

Fish Tank

Colour Scheme: The colour scheme of this poster is rather bleak and plain. Mainly white and grey giving it a very raw look.

Content: The poster contains a still shot of the main protagonist introducing the character.

Ratings: The poster has quotes from film magazines and well respected film critics as well as awards from the Festival de Cannes and Edinburgh film festival.

Made In Britain

Colour Scheme: This poster also has a grey and white colour scheme making it plain and boring like Fish Tank. However this poster is even more harsh as the writing is block white.

Content: Like Fish Tank the poster contains a picture of the main protagonist picturing them in their environment. In this poster the background is blurred out which implies the rushed and violent behaviour of the protagonist.

Ratings: Only one rating on this poster from the New York Press praising the work of Tim Roth.


Colour Scheme: This poster has a much darker blue and black colour scheme which implies that there is more of a dark twist to the plot.

Content: The protagonists are shown together in this still shot again introducing only the characters all with a very serious look. It contains London as the background behind them which provides the Location.

Ratings: This poster contains one rating from Touch magazine again showing the need for these ratings.