Monday, March 23, 2015

Staffing Updates

Laura Rusinyak moving to 2nd grade.

Karen Cross, Hopkins Teacher, will join the 3rd grade team.

C&I Course Page Usage Reports

Each week I receive a report showing the percentage of Arcado teachers and students who log into eCLASS C&I at least once during the week. The week is from Tuesday-Monday.

I wanted you to have a chance to see our recent report. I am so excited with our percentages!!!!! But it doesn't stop there....

Thank you for sharing how you are using the C&I Course page for transforming instruction. Who would have thought Kindergarten students could use a discussion board to demonstrate their learning?!?!?!?!?!

Anything is possible at Arcado!!!!! Keep learning teachers!!!!!! Our students are counting on you!!!!!!!!

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Survey for Certified Staff Members

The GCPS Office of Staff Development encourages all certified staff members to complete the Learning Forward (formerly known as the National Staff Development Council) Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI) annually. Results from the SAI will provide data regarding staff development in our district/schools using the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning. The data collected is a tool that can be used to plan professional learning for the upcoming school year.

All certified staff members should complete the SAI survey between March 23 and June 1, 2015. Please follow the steps listed below:

1. Visit

2, Click the Register option on the welcome screen. Enter you user name (email address) and choose a password you can remember (must be entered twice in order to confirm). It is a good idea to record your user name and password is you wish to return to the SAI at a later time.

3. Click on Continue to SAI to complete the SAI survey.

4. If you are unable to complete the SAI in one session, you may click SAVE at any time and return to the SAI at a later date. Return to SAI by entering Enter your email address or user name and password. You will not need your token to log in again.

5. Enter the survey token for Arcado Elementary BQGNE

Arcado School Calendar

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