Data in the Classroom

Ready, set, launch!

Dear teachers,

We are excited to announce that the NEW and refreshed Data in the Classroom website is now live. Thank you for your patience in these last few months, as we've updated both the website and resources. Learn about the changes and new features here - then visit us at

What Has Changed and What Hasn't Changed?

What has changed? Here are some changes we've made to modernized the resources and make them more student-friendly.

  • New, web-based student activities have been developed for each module using the online app, Esri Story Maps. This technology can help to engage students in a story, like El Niño, while harnessing the power of data – using maps, data visualizations and data query tools. Learn more by visiting the Using the Technology page of the website.

  • Each module's Teachers Guide has been modernized and updated to align with the online activities.

  • Since not all classrooms have access to the internet, Levels 1 & 2 of the Teachers Guide contain printable worksheets that can replace the online activities.

What hasn't changed? Here are some things we've kept that you told us you really liked.

  • Each module continues to offer activities at five different levels of student interaction while providing user-friendly access to current NOAA data.

At this time you can access 2 of the 5 modules

Contact us: We hope you like the changes, and if you have any feedback, please let us know by emailing