Panda Prints

April 5, 2020 Special Sunday Edition

Principal's Note: Sherwood e-Learning Family Guide

PLEASE take a moment to review Sherwood's e-Learning Family Guide. The goal of the guide is to help you navigate the next couple of weeks. Your teacher meetings via Zoom tomorrow will also be VERY informative. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! Missing you all!!!


Stay safe and be well!

Panda Pride,


Happy Birthday!!!

April 7th

Genevieve Dogs

Benjamin Neve

April 9th

Laya Isaac

Zachary Meitin

April 11th

Walker Bennett

Lauren Gawenda

Veronika Zatwarnicki

April 12th

Daniel Martinez

Purple Up Fridays!

Wear Purple EVERY Friday in April! Check the Panda Prints each week to learn about our Purple Up Friday plan for the week!

On Friday, April 10th we would love for our Sherwood families share PURPLE UP pictures via Facebook & Twitter!

Make sure to tag Sherwood

Twitter: @SherwoodPandas

Facebook: Sherwood ES

A Paper Hug Author Message

Stephanie Skolmoski, author of A Paper Hug, has a special message to share!

Click on the video below.

A Paper Hug Intro

Hug a Hero Activities Reminder

Share in a Family Discussion
  • How would you feel if you were the main character?
  • What items would you pack in your “box?”
  • Who would you like to send a paper hug to? Why?
  • How can you connect to the characters in the book?
  • What questions do you have for the author?

Share Your Own Paper Hug Heart

  • Decorate your own paper heart to honor all the heroes in our community. Hang your heart in your window. Take a walk and admire the hearts in your neighborhood!

Hug a Hero

  • Complete a Hug a Hero certificate and send it digitally or through the mail to show others your appreciation and admiration!

Additional Activities

  • Create a “family box” filled with special items!
  • Integrate math by measuring the “length of your hug!” (Measure the distance of your outstretched hands.)
  • Visit The Paper Hug Facebook page

Upcoming Dates


Teachers provide e-Learning overview to students via ZOOM

4/7/20 - Return to school date TBD

e-Learning lessons and content begin through Otus


Special School Board Meeting @7pm


Month of the Military Child PURPLE UP! Share pictures via Facebook & Twitter!


Month of the Military PE Boot Camp (PE Classes)


Month of the Military Child - Wear Purple


School Board Meeting @7pm District Office


Month of the Military Child - Wear Purple


4th Grade Sing @2pm


5th Grade Sing @7pm