Mount Nyiragongo

The place of a waking volcano and lake of lava

Geology of Mount Nyiragongo

Not much is known about Mount Nyiragongo except for the fact that it is a volcano located in Africa in the Virunga Mountains. Also, it is home to a waking lava lake that makes the entire area more voluminous. It is probably known to be a beautiful place and a dangerous place. For specific reasons of course.

Eruptions of Mount Nyiragongo

The eruptions of Mount Nyiragongo are disastrous and cause much destruction. The eruption that took place in 1977 caused some of the greatest damage yet, at least 70 people were killed in it which a reason why this place is dangerous. Another eruption that took place happened in 2002. This eruption caused the deaths of 147 people because of asphyxiation, carbon dioxide, and buildings collapsing. Even though this place is a danger zone a couple times, it is a lovely place that people are willing to live by.

Other Images of Mount Nyiragongo

Geography Lesson: Volcanic Eruption Response by a LEDC