2nd Grade News

Curriculum Information and Important Reminders

Curriculum Reminders

For the Week of May 9th-13th we will be studying:

Math- determining how much money was saved after making deposits and withdraws, distinguishing between producers and consumers, creating story problems to calculate the cost of producing a simple item

Reading/Social Studies- establish purposes for reading selected texts based upon content to enhance comprehension, ask literal questions of text, monitor and adjust comprehension (e.g., using background knowledge, creating sensory images, rereading a portion aloud, generating questions), make inferences about text using textual evidence to support understanding, retell important events in stories in logical order, make connections to own experiences, to ideas in other texts, and to the larger community and discuss textual evidence

OLC: Spelling, Phonics, Handwriting- Spelling Week 6, creating word ladders by manipulating the sounds in words

Writing- identify prepositions/prepositional phrases in sentences, finish poetry books, begin the process of writing an end of the year personal narrative piece

Science- review for and take Science CBA 6

Nichols Food Drive


Nichols will be participating in a food drive for Frisco Family Services (FFS) from May 9 – 20, and we need your help! This is a critical time to provide food for FFS as summer is quickly approaching and there will be many kids at home who need food. Our donations will help ensure there is enough supply for those families in need. Please remember that we can only accept foods that are not expired, and they must be in the original packaging. Below is a list of the most needed items:

Non-perishable foods:

Sandwich sliced break (White/Wheat)

Boxed Meal Helpers (Hamburger Helper, etc)

Fruit Cups

Fruit Juices (Small boxes or pouches)

Ramen Noodles

Bagged Beans

Flour (5 lb size or smaller)

Cooking Oils (48 oz size or smaller)

Saltine Crackers


Baking Mixes

Canned Tomato Products


Personal Care Items:

Toothbrushes, Shampoo, Bar Soap, Body Wash for Babies, Boxed Baby Cereal, Baby Formula, Size 4 & 5 diapers, Pull Ups


Laundry Detergent (smaller containers: 64 load size or smaller), Household Cleaners, Dishwashing Liquid (small containers), Disinfectant Spray, Household Disinfectant Wipes, Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Please bring these items in between May 9-20! Thank you for your help and support of Frisco Family Services!

Get Moving in May!

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Calling All Field Day Volunteers

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Library Schedule for the Remainder of the Year

*Week of May 9-13 - There will be NO CLASSES in the library

*ALL books will be due back by Friday, May 20th

*Week of May 23-26 - There will be NO CLASSES in the library. Mrs. Walther is having a BOGO book fair (more details to come soon)

Stars of the Week!

Students will be selected in each class on Friday of each week. A letter, poster, and special Star of the Week treats will be sent home on Friday to be worked on over the weekend. Every student will have the opportunity to be Star of the Week in their classroom at some point in the year. We look forward to learning more about all of our 2nd Grade Stars!
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Look for all Homework to Come Home Every Monday!

This will include:

Spelling List-study the words

Math Word Problems- cut and glue problems into the math homework spiral and solve one each night

Guided Reading Response Journal and Book- Choose 2-3 responses each week to write in the journal.

***Please return the Math Homework spiral on Friday of each week. The guided reading folder and response journal should come to school every day.

Spelling List

Study the Spelling List

You can use the Spelling Activities sent home in the parent email the first week to study these words if you choose to. Please remember that it is important for the students to be able to apply the use of these words in their writing as well.

1. feet

2. change

3. people

4. might

5. three

6. second

7. mule *

8. rule *

9. cube *

10. tube *

11. prune *

12. flute *

Challenge List

1. molecule

2. absolutely

Important Dates and Upcoming Events


May 9th-May 11th- STAAR testing (no visitors during testing please)

May 12th- Kindergarten Transition Night (you should have received information when you registered you incoming Kindergarten student)

May 13th- Good Morning Nichols

May 20th- Field Day

May 25th- 8:15-9:00- 2nd Grade Awards Assembly

May 27th and May 30th- No School


June 2nd- End of the Year Parties

June 3rd- 9 Weeks Celebration of Learning

Classroom Wish Lists

As we begin the start of a new semester we do start running low on supplies that get used up during the year. If you ever want to check to see what your child's classroom may be in need of feel free to check out the wish lists on our 2nd grade website. We appreciate any donations of extra supplies throughout the year!


Science Vocabulary

Here are the definitions of words that we will be covering in science.

We will be reviewing for the Science CBA this week. If you would like to look back at the past newsletters you can review the Science Vocabulary at home. This CBA will cover information from April 11th until now.

Math Corner

Have you been wondering what some of our math terms are!? We will put some helpful hints in the newsletter each week to help you out.

We will be solving problems that involve situations where people have to save, spend, borrow, deposit, or withdraw money.

It is helpful to relate these vocabulary words to real life situations. Talking to your kids about ways that they can earn money to save up for a special item is a great way to get them thinking about the responsibilities of using money.

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Charmaine Dean- deanc@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63966

Mrs. Jackie McClain- mcclainj@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63967

Ms. Taylor Flaig- flaigt@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63965

Mrs. Megan Allard- allardm@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63964

Ms. Kristen Graham- grahamk@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63963