By: Andrew Plumer

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Globalization is how people go though there daily lives it has its up sides and downsides,we wouldn't be alive if there wasn't Globalization
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My product was pants they were made in china so i looked what they were made out of they were made out of cotton to i found a map and there is a bunch of companies for cotton and cotton is everywhere on china (see picture above)


The U.S spends more than they produce, and china produces more than spend but now the U.S is increasing imports and decrease exports making china's imports decreased. China is still the 3 most country that the U.S trades with Globalization has its down sides but its better to look at the good sides of it

How Globalization Affects me

The relationship I have with Geography and Globalization and how it impacts to my life id how i live where i live if there was no cultural technological globalization or the other ones i would be board out of my mind all i do with my life is watch anime,play video games,and read manga if i couldn't do any of that there would be nothing to do basically saying i depend on globalization.the negative that hits me would be cultural everyone expects everyone to talk with other people and how everyone spreads things and repeat what other people say like parrots so its impossible to talk to these kind of people
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15 years later

globalization will change my daily patterns in 15 years technology will get even better so if I had children for school they will have some kind of neck ware that will connect to the internet so you can do assignments on holograms with really nice education,