By: Karrington Beavers

The Hindu Religion

Hinduism is much more than a religion it is a total way of life including the customs,beliefs,and practices of the people.The Founder of this religion We're the Aryans who conquered India which was where it all started and who took for themselves which they thought was desirable.Hinduism Religion Believed in Samsara (Reincarnation).Reincarnation is when a living thing dies and it soul moves to another human or animal.When a person becomes purified every relationship and situation becomes meaningful.Underneathe of Reincarnation is Moksha,Like heaven for the Christian Hindus Strive to reach Moksha or state of changeless bliss.However it may be many lifetimes within the wheel of life before moksha is achieved.The Holy book Hinduism Read in their lifetime was called the "Vedas",this book was sacred with several scriptures. It guided their daily life, and perserved the dimensions of family and society.
Christianity Vs Hinduism

Does Our Society Have Our Own Sense Of Dharma?

Every living thing has a dharma.Humans have individual dharma as well as universal dharma.All humans share that universal dharma Some Are anti-dharma because of this nature they can create problems for others.


The history of Jewish people began in the Middle East when God promised a named leader called Abraham that he would be the father of great people.Jews Refered Abraham as the first person to teach the idea that there was only one God (monothestic).Jews Followed a set of rules called a covenant it was the set of rules that all Jews had to live by,this religion believed that Jesus did not fufill messianic prophesies that establish the criteria for the coming of the messiah.
Inside Judaism - Jewish History


Buddhism is a tradition that focuses on spirtual development.Buddhists strive for deep insight inside the true nature of life and do not worship God or deities.The basic doctrine for Buddhism is "The Four Noble Truths". These Set of beliefs are the four central beliefs containing the essence the teaching of Buddhism.This Religion Orginated From Lumbini during the 5th Century BCE.The Founder is Siddhartha Gautama.The biggest influence this religion had on the people was that it made people aware of what their mind was doing at all time.
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Confucius Biography


Confucianism originated between the 5th and 3rd centuries BCE.It Was a very troubled time period for China.This Religion is considered philosophies and not religions they were mainly concerned with ways of improving society and achieving a better life on earth.Confusianism is a ethical system,it was mainly concerned with how human beings behaved toward each other.Confusious believed that people desire to live in the company it is only in society that men reach their fullest development therefore it is important for people to know how to behave in society.


Christianity is an monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ presented in the New Testament Of The Bible,which was the Holy Book that taught the teachings of the "laws" of Christianity.The start of this Religion Originated in Jerusalem throughout the Near East which was carried out by jesus christ to his followers which were called the disciples.The main teachings of Christianity is that Jesus is the Son of God,the second person of the Trinity of,God The Father, the son and Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is his life on earth his crucifixion resurrections and Ascension into heaven which is the final resting place in Christianity.When living in the practice of Christian faith all join together as one every Sunday.In order to be a sanctified Christian you have to follow the "code Of Conduct"Which were called the 10 Commandments.These set of "rules" we're given in the biblical sight of mount Sinai
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The religion of Muslims (Islam) is a monotheistic faith regarded as revealed through Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah.Muslims pray 5 times a day. The woman wear a hijab because it shows they have self respect, and they believe in the major 5 pillars. They fast once a month so they would know how the homeless people feel when they don't eat.This religion Origninated in Mecca and it had then spread across the world.The holy book of Islamic culture is called the Karan or Quran.This holy book consists of 114 units of various lengths known as Sura.the first sura is said as part of ritual prayer.
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