Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

By : Raynah Gifford


Menes is known to be three other kings with different names. When he first ruled he rose to power in upper Egypt, But later his army defeated lower Egypt and he ruled both upper and lower Egypt. Menes whore both the white crown (of lower Egypt) and the red crown (of upper Egypt). He married the princess of lower Egypt to control it better.


Djoser built the first step pyramid. A step pyramid is a pyramid that has layers that look like huge steps. He designed this pyramid for himself so he would make sure he had a pyramid for when he died.


Thias pharaoh for building a pyramid like the last pharaoh. Sneferu tried to build a strait sided pyramid to go in when he died but it didn't go as planned. When he ordered people to build his pyramid they panicked when they where half way down. This is what made The bent pyramid. They bent pyramid made him go down in history.

Khufu (Cheops)

The people of Egypt said that Khufu was very cool, but that his servants where fed well. The people of Egypt built many statues of him. These statues Are why he's so famous .

Ahmose of Thebes

Ahmose was pharaoh on the 18th dynasty. He started with ruling upper Egypt but his army later took over all of Egypt. Ahmose was very wealthy witch was why he was so famous.

Thutmose lll

Thutmose died young and was missed by his brothers. He married Queen Hatshepsut with was also his step sister.


The people of Egypt did not want to let her be queen because she was a girl but she ended up doing great things for Egypt. Hatshepsut worked very hard to increase trading in Egypt and succeeded. She sent traders South so they would have better luck trading. She used all her money to help artists.


This pharaoh was very unbelievable to the people of Egypt. This God was the first person in history to believe in one God. No believed him. He is famous for this reason and he was said to be a bad king because of his belief.


This pharaoh is best known as king tut and is the most famous r pharaoh these days. He became pharaoh at age nine. He died at age 19 and was the youngest pharaoh to die in history. When he died lots of gold jewelry that went into his pyramid for the afterlife.

Ramses the great

This pharaoh helped Egypt deaf eat lots of people. He sent an army to fight the Hittites and won. Ramses the Great made Egypt stronger s they would not be defeated. This is why he is campuses . If Ramses the Great hadn't helped them do this Egypts history might have ended with him as pharaoh.

Alexander the Great

Alexander was only 20 years old when he was named pharaoh. The people of Egypt did not want him to be pharaoh because of his age. Alexander was a very strong leader