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The house is very unique it has a nursery that makes an imagination that comes to life. You belive or think anything and it happens total surround sound and wonderful visual reference.. The house does everything for you. From tieing your shoes to makeing your food. It is absolutely the best house you will have ever layed your eyes on.

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The house is a million dollors exactlly and we wont barggen the price. If you look at all sides to this we are actually giving you the house cheep. The house is a scientific invention and we are kind of giving it away to you so if you want to barggen don't try contacting us.

This is the inside of the house

This is the most amazing house you will ever see.

more explination

The house itself has a unique deisign. But the quailites that come with it are truely unbelievable. You will have to see the house to belive it. The house can do your hair and make you breakfeast whenever you want. All you have to do is press a button or say it in command. The nursery is what tops this off it shows truely what the potential of this house is. The nursery brings out the best with your imagination.


go into crazy town make three lefts then a right. Go straight for 10 miles then make a right and you will see it on your left.