Badminton Assignment

By: Kaden Brunson

History and different types of shots

Badminton started about 2,000 years ago in China, India, and ancient Greece. Nine members, Canada, France, England, Denmark, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, and New Zealand formed the IBF in 1934. The United States joined the IBF four years later in 1938.

There are six different types of shots in badminton, the drop shot which is a backhand shot when you're in your own kitchen that just goes over the net into the other kitchen. There is also a backhand clear that makes the birdie go very far into the other team's back court so your team can regroup. The drive is a shot that you hit right at the opponent. A spike is more of a shot that goes downward towards the opponent's floor. The overhead hit is a shot used for rallying with the opponent. The last shot is an overhead clear that the hitting team uses to regroup and they hit it very high into the other team's back court.

Rules of the Game

Scoring: You can only score when you're serving and you must serve cross court to get the rally going.

Serving Errors: On the first serve of the game only, if the team serving loses the point, it goes to the other team. Although this happens, whenever the first server loses the serve, the second person who did not serve serves after they lose the point.

Faults: Faults are when there is an error on a serve like hitting the net, hitting it out of bounds, hitting it in the wrong box or hitting the net.

Lets: Lets are when no one is sure if the birdie landed in or out. Whenever someone isn't ready for the serve, they call ¨let¨ and ask for it to be played over again.

Badminton - Serving