Ingredients in Cigarettes

By: Mary Mamone, Lia Mascia, Brady Kaucic


-600 ingredients in one cigarette

-When burned, create 7000+ chemicals

-69 chemicals are proven to cause cancer

-Many are also poisonous


-Commonly used in insecticides

-Addictive ingredient in cigarettes

-Causes headaches, nausea, and increased blood pressure

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-A toxic metal

-Used in rat poison, wood preservatives, and insecticides

-Causes headaches, weakness, diarrhea, or even death from organ failure in large doses

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-Embalming fluid (preserves dead bodies)

-Causes cancer, especially lung cancer

-Banned in many countries around the world

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-Used in nail polish remover and paint thinner

-Causes damage to respiratory track

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-Used in batteries

-Causes cancer, especially lung and prostate

-Smoking is the main cause of cadmium exposures

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-Used in cleaning products

-Allows for faster delivery of nicotine to brain

-Said to improve the flavor and texture of tobacco

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-Used in rubber, cement, gasoline, and crude oil

-Causes cancers, specifically leukemia

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Hydrogen Cyanide

-Poison used in gas chambers

-Causes cell death in body

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-Used in batteries

-Toxic metal

-Causes kidney, blood, and brain disorders

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-Used in moth balls

-Causes cataracts and damages red blood cells

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