The Kongo Kingdom

African Kingdoms arose in central and southern African

The Backstory

The dynasty of the Kingdom of Congo goes back to more than 500 years, and its traditional territory is the Atlantic coast and moderate interior of the present Democratic Republic of Congo & Northern Angola.The Kongo Kingdom is a regular Kingdom for more than half a millennium. The new rulers are not necessarily the oldest son; he is elected by a Royal Council, from amongst the descendants of the Kimpanzu or the Kimulazu clans; an infante [1]. The capital city is Mbanza Kongo.


The economy was heavily centered on the capital, with the provinces being kept relatively poor. Gradually, the export of slaves became a way of paying for the importation of European goods, and slavery became an important aspect of the economy. As currency, nzimbu (cowrie) shells were among the items used, being gathered from coastal waters within the kingdom and becoming the property of the king.



What's their religion?

They were a christian religion


Monarchy is a form of government in which sovereignty is actually or nominally embodied in one or several individual(s) reigning until death or abdication. They are called the monarchs.