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The Line of Demarcation

In Portuguese and Spanish territories, more recent political difficulties have erupted. This year of 1493, a period of time that has been rich in expeditions, brings forth great new opportunities to the people of Portugal. Earlier this year, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella made the crucial decision to find resolutions for the political disturbances between the two countries.

Earlier this year, the Spanish-born Pope Alexander VI made attempts for the king and queen to appeal to his ideas. Believing that responding to the appeal with agreement would bring support to them, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella committed to the pope's appeal, and were then able to support their claim to the lands of the new world. With official approval of the monarchs, Pope Alexander VI has declared the dividing of the non-European world, so as to establish two different areas. This marking is known as the Line of Demarcation.

As the two lands have been differentiated by the pope, inhabitants of each have had to adjust to the strict line in which divides the two non-European areas. On the west side of the line, Spanish inhabitants dwell and have been given trading and exploration rights in any of the western lands, while on the east side are the Portuguese who have been given the same rights. Within the next year of 1494, important leaders from each of the two countries are expected to sign a document in which will seal the presence of the Line of Demarcation.

It has been reported from figures close in business with both the Spanish and Portuguese head leaders that further details are to be specified within the document. The signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas is hoped to be the next grand accomplishment completed by the country's monarchs and superior pope. Looking ahead to the future, the Line of Demarcation is seen to bring great restoration to the area, as well as to the two newly developed countries of Spain and Portugal.


The Triangular Trade

Europeans have recently begun using a new source in their trade with Africa. Although

African slaves have always existed and been great help to the continent, Europe has recently discovered how helpful these slaves can be in regards to the slave trade. Many communities have also started to participate in slave trade. Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Indians and Aztecs as well as the Arab Empire have started to use slaves to decrease labor and employment costs. Portuguese traders have also joined the slave trade, and these trades have helped greatly in the growth and production of plantations. Most trading posts are located on the outskirts of Africa, and items are brought to the coastline by African rulers. These rulers capture and seize captives and later sell them in return for certain goods such as textiles, metalwork, rum, tobacco, weapons, and gunpowder.

The slave trade works through a certain route that is known as triangular trade. This works in a well thought out system that transports slaves from place to place in order for trade. The triangular trade covers three international ports: Europe, Africa and the Americas. The trade system begins in Europe where certain goods are shipped to Africa. Here these goods would be traded for African slaves. On the second part of the route, solves are transported to the Americas and traded for plantation products. Finally, these goods are shipped back to Europe, where they are later transported in profit back to Africa. The new African slave trade has greatly improved the system of trade throughout Europe.

Technology Takes a Leap Forward

Technology has advanced throughout history, and more recently has become more of a common occurrence. In most current events, scientists have unlocked greater advancements for tools used for their studies. With a handful of thinkers developing new ideas and proposing new theories, more advanced means of technology are to be of great avail to these contemplators.

In Italy, fresh-faced scientist Galileo Galilei has been experimenting his skills in areas of astronomy. Initiating a new era of people's worldwide view, Galileo has been making the efforts for his newest invention in hopes of achieving great accomplishments in the scientific aspect. High in value and crucial to scientific thinkers, the invention of the telescope has miraculously been created.

Months earlier, Galileo Galilei constructed an astronomical telescope in order to carry out his scientific studies of the sky, and other areas of outer space. After finding a place on the market, the telescope has brought great news to Galileo and many other scientific thinkers. Tremendous breakthroughs have turned up, allowing Galileo to record such data as to unlock his recent theory proposing a heliocentric universe. Although causing much controversy in regards to Galileo's new ideas, the telescope can be seen as a wondrous tool for scientific thinkers looking to advance in their studies and discoveries. With this leap forward, more and more breakthroughs are certain to come to known existence as a result of these newer and more advanced instruments of technology.

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"I will be setting out of Spain along with my crew and five ships. "

Here at Belo Horizonte, we have been lucky to acquire an interview with the one and only Ferdinand Magellan! Our reporter, John Mathews, was able to talk to Ferdinand Magellan about his upcoming travels! Ferdinand Magellan apparently seems intent on circumnavigating the World!

John Matthews: Hello everyone! We are here today to talk about Ferdinand Magellan’s plan to circumnavigate the world.

Ferdinand Magellan: Thank you for having me tonight Mr. Matthews. It is quite the honor.

John Matthews: Our pleasure indeed! So tell us, Mr. Magellan, how do you plan to go this journey? How do you plan to travel this whole world?

Ferdinand Magellan: Well I plan to leave sometime in the September of this year, perhaps the twentieth. Twenty is, in fact, my lucky number.

John Matthews: Ahh, I see. Now, what route will you be taking?

Ferdinand Magellan: I will be setting out of Spain along with my crew and five ships. We will be traveling through all weather conditions: rain or shine; heat extremes or the freezing cold. I plan to head south and west first.

John Matthews: Interesting, and where will you take it from there?

Ferdinand Magellan: Honestly Mr. Matthews, I could not tell you! I am going to have to follow my gut because the world is very big.

John Matthews: Well then I wish you the best of luck throughout your travels, and I hope you discover great things. It has been great having you here! Goodbye, everyone!

We have to thank Magellan again, so thank you for letting us know about your travels!


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