Local and Global Crisis

Protect Children by Teaching Self-Esteem

The Work of a Child

Try this: Read I'm Just a Kid

Use these questions to talk about the poem

  1. How does she feel and what does she think about the poem?
  2. What does she like best about being a kid?
  3. What would she like to be or do in the future

Remind children (and yourself) that being "just is kid" is hard. All of the things children do is more than enough. Other worries belong to adults.

Next steps: Write a classroom poem.

  1. Working together, make a list of all the things being a child means. Focus of things children do and how they help their families and each other.
  2. Draw pictures about what it means to be a child, decorate the poem
  3. Display it proudly.
  4. Make take pictures of children working. Send a flyer home with families showing the process and the final product!

Adapted from: NIH Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development https://www.nichd.nih.gov/publications/pubs/cope_with_crisis_book/Pages/sub5.aspx#activity1