The Titan that could control time itself


  • Youngest of twelve titans in the first generation of titans.
  • Mom and dad where Gaia and Uranus
  • Cronus overthrew his father with a stone scythe that his mother Gaia gave to him.
  • Cronus took the throne with his sister Rhea as his queen.
  • The time period they ruled was known as the golden age.


  • Cronus consumed he and Rhea's offspring because the legends told he would be overthrown by his son.
  • Rhea hid one of her babies named Zeus and fed Cronus a rock in blankets behind his back.
  • The legend won out and when Zeus was old enough he tricked his father into regurgitating his siblings
  • The Olympians waged a ten year war in which they drove the Titans into the pits of Tartarus.

Fun Facts

  • Known weapon is scythe
  • Greek Gods are descendants of Cronus
  • Can control time
  • Other names Kronos and Cronos
  • Roman version is worshiped
  • Roman version is Saturn