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Hunger is a big problem in the Horn of Africa. Around 13.3 million people in the Horn of Africa are facing humanitary emergency. 900,000 of that group are malnourished children under the age of 5. Also, 450,000 of that 13.3 million are malnourished children in Somalia.

"To work to stop the suffering from hunger, illiteracy, diseases, and poverty in the Horn of Africa."

My charity is ARAHA. This stands for the American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa. They are located in Minnesota at 3900 Jackson St Ne, Columbia Heights MN 55421. Lately they've been working by giving ARAHA food baskets which can feed a family of about 5 to 7 for a month. They have also built 100 water wells, and 5 computer labs. You will learn more when you watch the video below.


You can help by going to their website, and doing one of the following things. You can donate money, you can volunteer, or you could sponsor an orphan. If we do not do these things lots of people could die. For more information go to there website which is listed here. website:


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