Shakespeare vs. Amanda Bynes

Comparison of She's the Man and Twelfth Night by Johan Roman

She's The Man Comedy Ladder

  • Farce: Almost every character mistakes Viola's identity for her brother Sebastian's at some point in the movie.
  • Comedy of Manners: "Girls with asses like mine do not talk to boys with faces like yours" is a put down that Monique gives to one of Duke's friends in the movie.
  • Comedy of Ideas: Throughout the movie, Viola argues with other characters over the meaning of love.
  • Low Comedy: When Viola shoves her tampons up her nose, Duke and his friends are disgusted by her.

Twelfth Night Comedy Ladder

  • Farce: Viola's identity is mistaken by most characters when she disguises herself as Cesario.
  • Comedy of Manners: The Clown gives a witty comeback with the lines: "Better a witty fool than a foolish wit."
  • Comedy of Ideas: Many characters in Twelfth Night argue with each other on the meaning of love.
  • Low Comedy: The character Malvolio dresses himself in yellow stockings to impress Olivia which was considered a form of low comedy in the time period.

Comparison of Film and Play

There are many differences and similarities between She's the Man and Twelfth Night. The main concepts and themes are prevalent in both works, such as the characters personalities being the same. The differences include certain characters, like Malvolio, being cut out or having different roles in She's the Man.