The Anaconda Plan

Summary Paragraph

Winfield Scott met in D.C. with President Lincoln, to devise a plan. The plan called for a strong defense on Washington D.C. , but block the Confederacy's Atlantic and Gulf coasts. This plan was used to destroy the economy and the trading market. Exports like cotton were decreasing, and European countries wanted to take action. With seaports blocked, the Union would attack cities like New Orleans by using the Mississippi River. New Orleans was attacked and captured by the Union in 1861. The Union attacked the southern agriculture. The British were large consumers of the southern product of cotton, and almost fought to keep the cotton supply up. With the plan in effect, the First Battle of Manassas. This battle was a complete disaster for the Union.

Key Information

- this plan was used in the beginning of the Civil War

- some of the two top leaders met to devise this plan

- The plan led to the First Battle of Manassas

This plan was used to destroy trade in the south.

Naval ships patrolled all southern coastlines, ports, and rivers.

Abraham Lincoln met with his generals.

Abraham Lincoln met with his generals to devise a plan to cut off the supplies going to the south and destroy any trade.

These were the people that met to devise the plan.

Scott suggested the ports and coast patrol, and Lincoln gave him the OK.

This video helps to understand the purpose of the Anaconda plan

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Connection to Shermans march

Two high ranked generals helped devise a plan to destroy the south.