Extraordinary trip, Ancient Rome!


Souvannacity travels is one of the very few travel agencies to achieve time travel. We have been testing this for many, many years. This is our first ever open time traveling expedition. You and your loved ones can now get this amazing trip to Ancient Rome!


We have many different activities and recreational values! Have you ever attended a gladiator fight? No? Well with this trip now you can! We have gladiator fights in the colosseum or even at parties! If you aren't into all that gore, we have plays and other theatrical activities. If you want to learn about this beautiful civilization we have a History of Rome presentation. You can learn about different figures in Roman times like Julius Caesar and Nero. Even learn about sports competitions. Then you can actually live through the sports, in one of our many sporting events.


You might not think of it, but yes Ancient Romans did use makeup. You can now use chalk, white lead, or white marl to make your complexion lighter! There is also many fragrances like saffron, almonds, rose petals, lilies, myrtle, laurel and jasmine. Have you ever used roses as a blush? Well you can now! We also have many bathhouses which are very close to spas.


We have many interesting foods that you can try. Dormouse, barley, olive oil, and wine are some things that are usually tried. We also have fish, snails, and a chicken inside a duck, inside a goose, inside a pig, inside a cow. Seems exciting right?

Living Quarters and Housing

We have very comfortable living spaces for you to live in. Although you're on vacation, we do offer tutors to teach your kids or even you about ancient history, or even present education. We offer classes to teach people Latin which was the language in ancient Rome. With education, you'd be surprised that Romans learned how to calculate numbers, to read, and to write.