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First Grade Happenings

Week of May 16th

Language Arts

This week we took a closer look at the fictional genre of books and compared realistic fiction with fantasy using a double-bubble map. We will build upon this knowledge as we begin to write our own realistic fiction stories. Our previous work writing personal narratives (small moments) will be used in this process. The students are excited to finally make up their own make-believe (but realistic!) stories.

We also compared and contrasted various versions of the fairy tale Cinderella using a double bubble map. The two versions we read included "Cinder Edna"--a very practical girl and "Cindy Ellen"--a cow girl.


We revisited fractions this week and compared fractions with unlike denominators. It is the denominator that determines how many equal parts the shape is divied into. The larger the denominator, the small the equal parts. Would you rather have a slice of cake that's been divided into eighths or sixteenths? It might depend upon how much you like cake!


Students conducted experiments with air this week and answered the questions, "What does air do under water?" and "How does air move a parachute?" Our experiments confirmed that air takes up space and can cause some interesting things to happen when compressed.

Digital Day Schedule

5/16 Day 5: Art
5/17 Day 1: Technology
5/18 Day 2: PE/Music
5/19 Day 3: PE/Media (one book only)
5/20 Day 4: PE/Music

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • May 30th: Memorial Day/No School
  • "I Can Do It Day!" (information to come)
  • June 7th: Bowling Field Trip (information to come)
  • June 8th: 1st Grade Picnic at BV (information to come)
  • June 9th: Last Day of School

Weekly Spelling Words

Our practice test will be on Monday and our final test will be on Friday of next week:
boy, soy, toy, joy, ahoy, oil, soil, boil, coil, foil

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IXL Math/Online Practice

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