Capital: Bogota

Colombia has a size of 613 sq. mi. Has a population of 48 million.the gdp per capita is 7,825.68the life expectancy is 73 yearsthe literacy rate is 91.4%the currency is colombian pesoour major exports are coal, gold, coffee, crucle petroleum our favorite sport is footballour major problems are poverty our leader is juan manuel santooCOLOMBIA CAMPARING TO THE U.Scomparable u.s. state 93% less electrictyu.s. population is 313.9 milu.s gdp per capita is 53,142.89u.s. life expectancy is 78.74 yearsu.s. literacy rate is 99%exchange rate $1 =0.77 euro typical food is thanksgiving and cheeseburgerpopular music is the tin pan alley and broadway current events is shooting suspects may hurt more officers

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