El Nino 'among the strongest'

3 category 4 storms in the Pacific Ocean

What is an El Nino??

El Niño is a strong storm in the Pacific Ocean that occurs when the water becomes exponentially warm and change weather patterns around the world

What is significant about this El Niño??

This El Niño is strengthening and may peak by the end of this year. Parts of the Pacific are warmer and researchers have not seen temperatures like this since the late 1990's. They have put this El Niño in the top 4 strongest since 1950

How does this affect the world?

We have more technology advances now like models so we know how to prepare for the storm. This storm has cause severe drought to Asia and flooding in North America. This has also impacted the South Asian monsoons. They say that the Indian monsoon is 12% below normal. This also changes the easterly trade winds allowing more heat in the Pacific Ocean witch adds more power to these storms.